Kalpana Institute of Nursing

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The Chairman

Education is not just about collecting information; It is the preparation for life. Education is knowledge bound by wisdom and ethics. It develops students’ personalities, moulds their character and develops mental skills to help them deal with the problems and challenges of today’s complex world. One of the most important character traits in our youth during education that needs to be inculcated is a subtle inclusive attitude about service-before-self. The goal is not only to make them successful in life, but also to make them aware of their duties and responsibilities
towards their colleagues. It is with this vision that the Kalpana Institute of Nursing was established.

Our institute is for students who believe that education must address these imperatives, while preserving essential values from the past. We prepare our students for both academic and social challenges. I warmly welcome you to “Kalpana Institute of Nursing” where your dreams will come true.

Mr. Nirupam Pal