Kalpana Institute of Nursing


Our Library

The Library in Kalpana Institute of Nursing is having adequate number of books for students and lectures referral. Also we have plenty of journals for students’ reference. Which help them to enhance their Knowledge in various areas of health care profession. Our library is managed by a qualified full time available librarian to guide students in various aspects.


In our institute we have emphasis on E-Library facility so that students of our institute can go beyond the available books to enhance their knowledge. 

Clinical Exposure & Community Visit

Students will have the opportunity to gain clinical exposure in one of the best Nursing
homes in Bardhaman. Our Parent Hospital, Parijat Sevalay is in the centre of the town and easily accessible through all means of transport. It boasts of 104 operational beds, fully functional ICCU, 5 well equipped Operation Theaters including a labour room, Dialysis facility,
medium sized laboratory, Radiology, in house pharmacy, ambulance service, and also a cafeteria serving nutritious food.

Students will gain experience in various clinical specialities such as:
General medicine where students can interact with real patients in ward and study ICU cases. General surgery which includes pre-operative and post-operative cases. Obstetrics and Gynaecology where students may see caesarean section deliveries.
Orthopaedics that includes general cases, emergency cases,
Polytrauma cases. Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) cases both of which include pre-operative, post-operative and out-patient cases. Paraclinical specialities, such as Pathology, Microbiology, and
Biochemistry with a fully functioning diagnostic laboratory. Superspecialities such as Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, Pulmonology among others.

In addition to this we have arranged community visits to various reputed hospitals in urban and rural areas for our students.

Our Transport

The student are privileged to have transport facilities which enable them to reach all the areas of clinical exposures. The faculty also have pickup drop facilities between the institute and hostel.

In all the semesters, the clinical and observational visits of students to various organizations are arranged as per the requirements prescribed by WBNC and INC.

Extra Curricular

Participating in sports, music clubs and other activities can help students improve their organizational skills while building a solid network of future peers and employers.

Sports & Game

Participation in sports are known to have many benefits for the students. It has been correlated with positive developmental indicators, including improved self-esteem, self confidence, cognitive development, social development, goal attainment, problem-solving and academic performance.
Students are permitted and encouraged for participating in various sports events after the study hours. The institute has indoor game facilities in our hostel to get some relief from in-house study of our hostel students.
Such as Carrum, Chess, Badminton, etc.

Leadership Skill Building

Want to get ahead? Look for some opportunities to develop your leadership skills throughout your GNM programme.
Nurses are often encouraged to pursue leadership roles because of their strong clinical expertise. While frontline nursing roles certainly require specific leadership skills, formal leadership roles in nursing call for additional knowledge and competencies. The art and science of nursing leadership hinges on authenticity, accessibility, communication, relationship building, collaboration, transparency, recognition, accountability, and trust.
Leadership is a skill build over time and through rigorous mentoring. The institute will offer opportunities to develop leadership skill to make the students ready for practical life situations.


It’s no secret that a career in medicine requires selfless dedication to serving others. People will thrive when they need to be committed to their service.
As made clear through Harvard’s recent Making Caring Common campaign, the most meaningful experiences come from forming relationships with the people and community around you and from participating in projects that are personally relevant.
Our students will be encouraged and given opportunities to working with real people with actual trauma. These service trips are usually relatively short, but, helps build connection to the community they are serving.

Wi-Fi Campus

The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled with a high speed internet connection to allow the students to access the internet no-matter wherever they are. The coverage of Wi-Fi is not only restricted to class rooms but also extends to all the areas including library, Auditorium, cafeteria, and hostels.

24x7 Healthcare Facility

We Offer Best Health Care facility for our Students and  all Staff.  24 x 7 hospital facility, emergency doctor service, Ambulance with life support facilities. All labs are well equipped with modern machineries and enough facility to support and withstand any emergency situation.